Superior Gas Control & Delivery Solutions for Diverse Industries and Critical Applications

HPS Vigour Singapore, a leading name in the field, provides Superior Gas Control & Delivery Solutions customised for diverse industries and critical applications. With a steadfast commitment to precision and reliability, our cutting-edge systems ensure optimal gas management, safeguarding operations in sectors ranging from healthcare to manufacturing and beyond. Backed by advanced technology and unwavering expertise, our gas control and delivery products offered unparalleled control over gas delivery, enhancing efficiency, safety, and performance across the board. Trust in HPS Vigour Singapore for your specialised needs, where excellence is our standard.

Featured Products

Diaphragm valves for highly flammable and toxic gases

Product Features:

  • Stainless steel 316L body for corrosive gases
  • Inlet pressure max 300 bar
  • Left or Right lever direction for Shutoff
  • Wide range of inlets and outlets
  • Metal-to-metal seal to atmosphere
face seal fittings for leak-freee connection and hgh pressure gas application

Pressure Ratings:

  • Ratings are based upon tests conducted using VFS assemblies
  • All ratings comply with calculations per ANSI Code for Pressure Piping B31.3
  • To determine pressure ratings in accordance with ANSI B31.3, multiply psig rating by 0.94
  • Ratings determined at ambient temperature
Regulators for high gas pressure cylinders

Product features

  • Cylinder pressure regulator
  • Brass chrome plated or aluminium body and aluminium bonnet
    for inert, reactive, flammable and oxidizing gas and mixtures up
    to grade 6.0
  • Stainless steel 316L body and bonnet for corrosive gases
  • 6 ports flexible configuration
  • Stable outlet prese
  • Simple outlet pressure limitation by handwhee
  • Tested for use with oxygen
Valves for gas pressure and flow control

Product features

  • Ball Valve (VBV1 Series)
  • Bi-directional flow (fully opened or fully closed)
  • Directional handle indicating on-off position
  • Allow for panel mounting
  • Single piece ball stem to eliminate backlash
  • One piece body to eliminate multiple seal points
  • Unique, top-loaded capsule paching allows reliable switching
  • Tested for use with oxygen

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