• July 20, 2021
  • Jenny Zhang

Good news丨Shanghai Haogu won the honorary title of ” specialization, specialty and innovation ” at the municipal level

On July 20, In Songjiang District, a pairing activity of SME with “specialization, specialty and innovation ” and the inaugural meeting of SME development service alliance were held to improve the core competitiveness of ” specialization, specialty and innovation ” SMEs and add impetus to the high-quality development of G60 science and innovation corridor in the Yangtze River Delta. At that time , Shanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd  won the honorary title of ” specialization, specialty and innovation “at the municipal level with a number of domestic leading independent innovation technologies.



It is an important measure for the Central Committee of the party and the State Council to guide small and medium-sized enterprises to take the road of “specialization, specialty and innovation” in the development of high-quality enterprises. “World class industrial clusters need not only the leading enterprises as the core, but also the small and medium-sized enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and innovation chain. Songjiang district should strive to build an innovation cluster represented by high growth scientific and technological innovation enterprises. ” Cheng Xiangmin, a secretary of Songjiang District Party committee said,“We should give full play to the characteristics of ” specialization, specialty and innovation ” enterprises with strong innovation ability, high market share and outstanding supporting ability, inject stronger scientific and innovative power into the high-quality development of G60 scientific and innovative corridor in the Yangtze River Delta, and be a pioneer in scientific, technological and industrial innovation in the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd is located in Liandong u Valley innovation port, the source of G60 science and innovation corridor in the Yangtze River Delta, SongJiang District,Shanghai. It integrates production, marketing and research. It has its own brand “Vigour”. It is committed to specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of high-quality ultra-high purity gas high-pressure reducer, centralized gas supply control system and related equipment. It is an international leading provider of ultra-high purity fluid control system solutions. By introducing the core technology of German fluid system, the company innovates and develops high-quality ultra-high purity fluid pressure reducer, centralized gas supply control system and related equipment. Vigour always practices the preciseness of the Germans and their persistent pursuit of product technology and materials; Vigour favors Shanghai, which is full of vitality and unlimited possibilities, and absorbs the nutrients of increasingly lean, international, professional and professional R & D creation, so as to continuously improve the vitality of vigour. After long-term accumulation, precipitation and continuous investment, Haogu  has a strong production, marketing and research service team, formed a complete technology and product system, has a high level of R & D and design ability, reserves a wealth of forward-looking technologies, and has a large number of core technology patents and intellectual property rights in the field of high-purity fluid control system , creates products suitable for different gases and scenes, and continues to provide users with excellent products and use experience.




Time condenses to build the future

Intelligently manufacturing by exquisite craftsman can provide users with high-end brands with high added value, so that science and technology can really enter life, serve production and people’s livelihood. In order to promote the rapid iteration of new products, through the strategic planning of market segmentation and fine distribution channels, Vigour lays out five product series: laboratory products, ultra pure products, medical products, industrial products and supervision system. The channels involve semiconductor, photovoltaic, laboratory analysis, food production, gas manufacturing, industrial manufacturing and other gas related industries. For a long time, Vigour has been favored by customers in major industries and has been implemented in many industries. We provide each customer with one-stop solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enable enterprise development. Haogu was successfully selected into the list of “special and special new” enterprises in Shanghai, which is the government’s affirmation of the rapid development of  Haogu and its strength. In the future, Haogu will continue to adhere to the development idea of independent innovation, adhere to the development route of specialization, refinement, characteristic and novelty, and better play the leading role of enterprise demonstration. Meanwhile, Haogu will continue to link up and down stream resources of the industry, establish an industrial environment of “mutual generation, symbiosis and regeneration” and a win-win and prosperous business ecosystem, which will add a strength to the high-quality development of Shanghai.

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