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VIGOUR 2021 chronicle of events

Time flies like a song

 Integration, Sharing and Win-win in 2021 It was a year for vigour

to overcome difficulties also a year of innovation

and breakthrough From expanding operation to deepening market

From helping customers to achieving yourself

Looking back on every bit of this year

We try our best to run, innovate and break

Always adhere to the original intention and the same ingenuity

At this important moment of leaving the old and welcoming

the new and connecting the past and the future

We always move forward,never stop


【Enterprise honor】

Integration of industry and city·Innovation in Chedun Town
On May 28, 2021
Shanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd.
 won the honorary title of high quality development enterprise in Chedun town in 2020
This is the proof of Haogu reaching another milestone in their development

Time condensation·Craftsmen build the future
On July 20, 2021
Shanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd.
With a number of domestic leading independent innovation
technologies, it has won the honorary title of “specialized and
new” enterprise at the municipal level
Only when smart manufacturing can provide users
 with high-end brands with high added value
 can science and technology really enter life
Vigour will continue to provide customers
 with one-stop solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency, enabling enterprises to develop at a high speed

【Enterprise outreach】

Depth empowerment·Manage co frequency
On May 15, 2021
The core of enterprise decision-making implementation and implementation 
is the source of enterprise innovation and progress
Shanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd.
employs external management training institutions
 to carry out outreach training for middle-level cadres
to transmit Work administrative skills
and to Strengthen internal management of enterprises
by current conclusion and expounding article by article

Learning to promote action · unity of knowledge and Practice
On July 2-4, 2021
Shanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd.
In order to improve the knowledge of electronic special gas, 
carried out the sixth special gas Talents Program, 
extended training courses of electronic special gas, 
 deeply studied semiconductor enterprises, 
standardized and standard requirements for electronic special gas suppliers, 
and strengthened the ability to serve diversified customers

Co learning, breakthrough and empowerment
On December 9 to 11
The seventh training course of 
“electronic special gas talent program” 
 was successfully completed
In Shanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Vigour technical service personnel
 not only update the concept and improves
the service level, but also has a deeper understanding 
and ideas for comprehensively promoting the design 
and layout scheme of electronic special
 gas control system in the future

【Industry Exhibition】

From original intention to ingenuity
From March 17 to 19
“Service globally and heart by heart”
focused on the global semiconductor industry pattern
Vigour was invited to attend the exhibition
At the meeting, vigour brand products
 provided systematic and diversified industry solutions for
 the semiconductor field,which was unanimously recognized
and affirmed by industry customers

smart manufacturing · building the future together
From May 10 to 12
China International Scientific Instruments
and laboratory equipment exhibition ended successfully
in Beijing National Convention Center
Guangzhou laboratory equipment exhibition was held at the same time, which ended perfectly
Vigour gained a lot in the exhibition, 
reached cooperation agreements and intentions
with many new and old customers
and also made friends with many upstream
 and downstream supporting enterprises in the industry, 
which will bring new opportunities
for vigour’s future development

Craftsman’s exquisite products -·Enjoy boutique works 
On June 3 to 5
SNEC 15th International Solar Photovoltaic
And smart energy conference and Exhibition concluded successfullyShanghai Haogu Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Vigour brings fluid control system to the exhibition
With more than 20 years of technical precipitation
exquisite design concept
and excellent product quality
Won the honor award of 
“SNEC top ten highlights selection”
has been highly praised by customers in the photovoltaic industry


Craftsman’s exquisite products -·Enjoy boutique works 
On June 8 to 10
The Sixth International Conference on hydrogen and fuel cell
vehicles of fcvc was successfully concluded
Vigour hydrogen carrying fluid control system
and pipe valve accessories appeared at the exhibition
Vigour aims at “new technology and heart service”
adhere to innovation, ensure leading technology and grasp market trend
rapid development and growth in challenges, 
focusing on the output of high-quality fluid control systems and accessories

Cohesion · innovation
On September 27 to 29
Analytical science creates the future
BCEIA analysis and testing conference was successfully
concluded at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing
Vigour is always at the forefront of innovation and R & D
continuously output differentiated value solutions 
through continuous testing and R & D
and assisted enterprises in the layout of
high-end gas path control system

smart manufacturing · creating elegance and talent
On November 1 to 3
The 23rd China International Gas Technology,
 equipment and Application Exhibition officially 
ended in Hangzhou International Expo Center, China
Vigour fluid control system and pipe valve accessories
bring new products and systematic fluid control solutions to customers,improve the safety and efficiency of the factory, 
improve the health status of the fluid system, reduce emissions, 
let new employees start quickly,
 help the rapid development of the enterprise,
and are favored by
many new and old customers


From innovation and intelligence
On December 8-10
The 5th China (Foshan) International hydrogen energy 
and fuel cell exhibition ended
With its brand strength,
market insight and in-depth R & D, 
vigour has attracted a large number of new and old customers
even under the influence of the epidemic
With professional solutions, high-quality products and customer-oriented service, 
 vigour has attracted the attention 
and high recognition of the industry
We never stop
never forget the original intention and forge ahead

2021 is coming to an end

Facing the coming 2022
Vigour will move forward bravely
assume more social responsibility
actively link the upstream and downstream
resources of government, enterprises and the industry
Jointly empower the upgrading of the valve industry,
improve the comprehensive service strength of the brand,
and write a new chapter in the development of vigour 2022!

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