• December 16, 2021
  • HPS Vigour

HPS Vigour’s 7th Electronic Special Gas Training Program

Empowerment through HPS Vigour’s seventh electronic special gas training was successfully completed.

On December 9-11, the “electronic special gas talent program” seminar, which was jointly sponsored by the gas circle, senior experts of semiconductor manufacturing plants and professionals of electronic special gas international manufacturers, lasted two days. Shanghai HAOGU Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this training to further improve the professional knowledge of enterprise technical service personnel on the application of electronic special gas, strengthen connotation development and professional construction, and effectively improve the service ability and level of electronic special gas control scheme.

In this training, the electronic special gas seminar gave full play to the practicality and openness of the course, The content covers “electronic special gas customer complaint handling and response skills (8D), electronic special gas sales master, total gas management (TGM) of semiconductor factory, high-purity gas purification and detection” , the special lecturers have 15-20 years of senior practical experience and multinational enterprise scientific research background. The training course system is comprehensive and focused. The lecturer adopts the teaching mode of integrating practical cases and professional knowledge, which not only improves the students’ learning enthusiasm, but also greatly improves the students’ practical ability. Through the two-day training, HPS Vigour gas delivery system manufacturer’s technical service personnel not only expanded their vision, updated their ideas and improved their service level, but also had a deeper understanding and ideas on comprehensively promoting the design and layout scheme of electronic special gas control system in the future.

Advancement Through Learning and Innovation

Every change of the times is accompanied by great opportunities, and breeds opportunities for demand innovation, cognitive transformation and development. With the purpose of “new technology and heart-to-heart service”, vigour adheres to innovation, ensures technology leadership, grasps market trends, takes consumers as the centre, combines omni-channel scene contact accurate operation, and develops rapidly in the challenge. Vigour will work with valve enterprises to focus on craftsmanship and jointly output high-quality ultra-high purity fluid control system and accessories.

At the same time, with more than 20 years of service experience, we know that service is more important than products. Effective services can reduce the product launch cycle, and consulting and implementation services can give full play to the value of products more quickly! We firmly believe that the key to user success lies not only in our products, but also in our solutions and value-added services. According to different stages and ideas of users, with many years of service experience, we formulate perfect customised service schemes.


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